He played it down more than once.

What now? Who knows if there will be an election next month at all – independent from Trump having caught the virus.

To me, Joe Biden is a nice guy, but he somehow does not gain my impression of being able to endure four years in the White House.

Which means, Kamala Harris could become your President after the next.

How in the world is it possible that especially holy people from the churches threw in their lot in 2016 with the likes of Donald J. Trump who was well known for his reputation long before he became President: A bragger of the most primitive sort, a philanderer dealing with “adult actresses”, a New York socialite acting as juror in beauty pageants, a charlatan gambling and cheating left and right.

Do these traits constitute matching qualifications and references to become President of the United States? How can somebody entrust their country, their children and their future to somebody like this, independent from their political affiliation?

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