Racism under the Banner of Christianity

This picture is worth a thousand words, revealing in its microcosm the country’s current, frightening state and what might happen after the election. One of my attentive readers has sent it to me; it was taken somewhere in the northern part of Georgia.

A somber state of mind in today’s America.

What does it tell us?

Somebody capable of bringing himself to placing such sign in his front yard, illuminated at dark, obviously has a problem with people of different skin color. It is a disturbing perception that racism is a somber reality in a country with a Christian claim.

More than obvious: These people are in refusal of Joe Biden and Kamala Harris, which – if articulated in decent words – would be perfectly fine.

The most revealing statement comes from line number four on this sign: “Life begins at conception.” It is a manifestation of a rather Christian confession of faith – one would assume. And yet, used in conjunction with the other statements articulated on this sign, it vilifies in the worst way all those people that still live up to the true standards of Christian belief.

Such true believers are not racists. Such true Christians cannot be in support of a President not willing to distance himself decisively from primitive diehards like the ones responsible for the sign in the yard – for he himself has proven more than once that he is one of them.

Tax the Churches?

From my Writing Room

Copyright © 2020 by Uwe Bahr

In California these days, just weeks before a seemingly ominous election, a canny pastor from the Freedoms Way Baptist Church had a seminal inspiration, obviously sent straight to him from high above through the clouds of holy smog. “Our church”, Jerry Cook addressed his sheep in a post via Facebook, “has a voting drop box in front of our complex. If you are voting early drop your ballot by.”

It did not take any of the church parishioners, but a lady with the sense to note that the drop box was a fraudulent falsification. And as by a miracle, the box disappeared literally over night after the lady had informed local authorities. Quite mysteriously, also vanished had the pastor’s message on Facebook.

A true blatherer by his trade, Jerry Cook did not feel any qualms at all about telling his parish in his very next sermon that the church did not have anything to do with the faked voting drop box. “We are not tampering with anything”, the man of God could not quickly emphasize enough the church’s alleged unbiased justification, obviously referring to the delicate machinations of politics.

The churches do not meddle in anything at all – right.

I have always marveled why many – way too many – Evangelicals of all people constitute Trump’s largest and most reliable base. Turning facts and truths upside down apparently goes hand in hand among a hopelessly lost specialty of like-minded advocates, inept to think for themselves and unreceptive toward truth – no matter what the botched liar from the White House jabbers in his pathological ignorance.

A quote comes to mind recently called to my attention by a dear family member:

“I don’t know how you feel, but I’m pretty sick of church people. You know what they ought to do with churches? Tax them. If holy people are so interested in politics, government, and public policy, let them pay the price of admission like everybody else.” Source: George Carlin

Am I glad that these words did not emanate from my pen – aren’t I?

It is what it is?

From my Writing Room

Copyright © 2020 by Uwe Bahr

Should anybody feel sorry for someone who did not care when his own people were dying, but rather tried to “play it down” to foster his own career and reelection in defiance of truth and facts as well as the welfare of the country? Who in their right mind can support this man? This is the ultimate insolence and stupidity.

Quote: “They are dying, it’s true, and it is what it is.” President Donald J. Trump in an interview on Axios, filmed on 28 July, 2020, aired on 3 August, 2020.

In the same interview, he insisted that the pandemic is under control in the US. He made this statement when 1,000 Americans were dying from the virus on a daily rate.

All of the sudden, while affected himself, Trump’s truth has turned into a miracle:

Quote: “We have things happening that look like miracles coming down from God.” Donald J. Trump on 3 October, 2020, while being treated for Covid 19 at Walter Reed Army Medical Center in Bethesda, Maryland. He apparently made this comment related to medical treatment hopefully soon available to decisively fight the pandemic.


He played it down more than once.

What now? Who knows if there will be an election next month at all – independent from Trump having caught the virus.

To me, Joe Biden is a nice guy, but he somehow does not gain my impression of being able to endure four years in the White House.

Which means, Kamala Harris could become your President after the next.

How in the world is it possible that especially holy people from the churches threw in their lot in 2016 with the likes of Donald J. Trump who was well known for his reputation long before he became President: A bragger of the most primitive sort, a philanderer dealing with “adult actresses”, a New York socialite acting as juror in beauty pageants, a charlatan gambling and cheating left and right.

Do these traits constitute matching qualifications and references to become President of the United States? How can somebody entrust their country, their children and their future to somebody like this, independent from their political affiliation?


On the first presidential debate on Wednesday, September 30, 2020:

Trump purposely interrupted Biden and Wallace more than 140 times because he is intellectually overly handicapped to develop and express a coherent train of thought. Any semblance of a debate would have further unmasked his limited abilities.

This will not prevent his base to vote for him. The United States are lurching toward the brink of an abyss. Let’s hope the country will not have to suffer even more harm during the winter.