The Wounded Bear Strikes

From my Writing Room
Copyright © 2022 by Uwe Bahr

This time it is not a Third World state like Iraq, this time it is not a medieval Afghanistan, where American “strategy” has failed miserably: it is Russia, which lashes out like a wounded bear. Hardly anyone seriously wants to stand in his way in the current conflict. Americans and Europeans are imposing sanctions that in the end will only cause more harm to their own people than elsewhere. They do not impress the new Russian tsar.

In a kind of ultra-modern war, the West and Russia could now try to use cyber-attacks to knock each other’s lights out. The previous year had already shown how susceptible the ailing American infrastructure is to such a thing, when countless gas stations in the south of the country were temporarily without gasoline. Americans could soon see long lines in front of their banks and ATMs.

Only a few years ago, the unworldly strategists in the White House and the European Union were rejoicing that with the loss of Ukraine, Russia was doomed to become a predominantly Asian empire. Obama’s ill-advised words that Russia is no more than a “regional power” still reverberate. They have no idea what an affront, what an insult to the Russian soul such drivel can cause.

From today’s point of view, it can be said that with the eastward expansion of NATO, the transatlantic-European attempt has failed to push Russia back towards the Volga and the Asian steppes.

The cornered “regional power” is now fighting back – probably with a war that no one in Europe would have thought possible.

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