Savior on the March

From my Writing Room
Copyright © 2021 by Uwe Bahr

There is great news: Now two saviors are on their way to rescue humanity. One has been on the road for nineteen hundred and ninety-one years and is running a little late. The other is expected back this August – reinstated at the White House in Washington, D.C.

Judging by the mental state of a not inconsiderable part of the population and what was experienced under the previous government, nothing would surprise anymore. At this point, however, the smile already ends. There is a possibility that something much worse than January 6 might happen – the lethal mix of gun mania and delusions of lunacy make it possible at any time.

Those who voted for Trump had to know what they were doing. It did not take any special intelligence to realize the potential danger they were exposing their country to. It was and continues to be the danger of putting democracy at risk. The responsibility lies with each individual who supported this lunatic with their vote.

Right now, it doesn’t look like the Republican Party is coming to its senses. Even the use of violence seems to be an option for some of their leading people. In a parliamentary democracy, this attitude alone, including the public call for an armed rebellion, is to be considered as an attempt to legalize criminality – whether one wants to admit it or not.

Who on earth can seriously approve of such a thing and support such politicians? Actually, only those people who are either used to doing crooked things themselves in their lives – or those who are not in possession of a halfway clear mind. People who believe in all possible conspiracy theories, no matter how absurd they may be – from rigged elections and blood drinking politicians to the danger of socialism in the USA.

They may be reassured: Not a grain of socialism is present in the United States of America, not in the form of an Antifa or any other phantom. And as long as the masters of both parties, people like Donald Trump and Chuck Schumer, draw their money from identical sources and the same donors, there will not be even a glimmer of a social market economy in the U.S. Switching to such a system would cost Corporate America far more money than the usual bribing of politicians, for it would be the broad swath of the population that would benefit instead of upper-class individuals. But Christian charity does not go that far.

It is eminently notable that in the face of this craziness, wheels are still turning at all in the land of unexpected possibilities.

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