Doomed To Fail

The GOP is preparing their next booby trap

From my Writing Room

Copyright © 2021 by Uwe Bahr

As it was expected, Vice President Pence does not fulfill the lawful duty that his office demands to act for the good of his people. For spurious reasons he will not invoke the 25th amendment to remove a dangerously unhinged, criminal president from the White House instantly – the most un-American president the history of this country has ever seen.

The true reason for his complicit conduct is obvious. 75 million Trump-voters – most of whom will recur, although they might currently feel like stateless Muppets after losing their American La-La-Land – are a too powerful base of the Republican electorate to be alienated for the foreseeable future. But, in this way, the next Republican calamity has been commenced already: Instead for the GOP to at least demonstrate strength toward American law and justice, possibly with an emerging new and true conservative leader (the potential is available), the basis for another deception of the American public is already looming underneath the surface. This once more foreseeable design of a moribund Republican strategy forces two questions: How much more has to happen before a sufficiently educated and civilized part of the American society takes decisive, peaceful action for progressive changes stringently required in this country? And how is it, time and again, that nearly everything in the United States is measured by the shortsighted prospects for swift success and profit?

Before the future can even begin, the presence is daunting: Security authorities are apprehensive of more violence in the wake of the political change, potentially in all 50 States. The United States of America is a sick country because at least half of its populace is mentally unstable, to put it in rather friendly words. How else can the appearance of somebody like Donald Trump as president be explained?

A collective mass stultification in their churches, an adolescence obviously left forsaken and uneducated about the liberal foundation of their country, millions of presumably literate people not knowing the definition of expressions like “left wing radicals” or “socialism”, instead seriously referring to a manipulated second amendment completely taken out of historic context and written in candlelight 232 years ago – these are perfect conditions to delude a populace and, over time, result in millions of people becoming a mental pitfall for any future administration to deal with. And all of this in a society of blatant racial unrest, social injustice and unfair distribution of wealth not seen in any other western country to this extent.

Who will protect the country from further waves of domestic violence? A police recruited with tens of thousands of Trump supporters? Or maybe even a “proud military”, infiltrated with ex-convicts and drug addicts?

Update: Just hours after I had published this article, several senior US military leaders “reminded US military service members of their obligation to support and defend the Constitution and reject extremism” in a statement that “underscored the unprecedented challenges facing the country in the aftermath of the January 6 insurrection attempt by President Donald Trump’s supporters.” Source: CNN
The author: Just like the statement of ten former secretaries of defense reminding the military of “basic democratic principles” only days before the mob invaded the Capitol, the latest exhortation proves that there is cause for concern that the US-military as a whole obviously cannot be entirely regarded as a reliable factor of American democracy – otherwise such statement would hardly be necessary.

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