Deserting a Sinking Ship

America’s radicalized Ideology

From my Writing Room

Copyright © 2021 by Uwe Bahr

I call it feigned innocence that so many of his former supporters – both politicians, but also average citizens – now all of the sudden cannot distance themselves from Trump fast enough. Alternatively, how is it possible that I am, a common fellow and conservative for most of my life, belonged to a minority in 2016, realizing that this man should never become president?

One can change his mind, new realizings can lead to new insights, for sure – but, I am sorry folks: the Trump saga was too obvious from the beginning as if anybody could have been surprised to the extreme about what happened the last few days.

Nobody carries a crystal ball with him, but the fact that Trump was unfit for the job was undeniable and clear from day one.

But, any American situation in general seems different compared to the prevalent culture of western European countries. The political opinion within large parts of the electorate in the United States has long assumed dangerous, ideologized traits, namely among Republican proponents, oftentimes leading to hate-filled thoughts and verbal outbreaks toward any opponents of the Republican perception what the American society should look like. In worst case scenarios, as seen in Washington, DC, on 6 January 2020, the ideologic aberration can lead straight to radicalization.

From day one of his presidency Donald Trump had made it clear that this path was his agenda (America first), thereby instigating the white radical mob long looming under the surface. Most members of the Republican leadership had actually already shelved such disused alignment, but then followed willingly in light of Donald Trump’s gloomy success. For that, the Republican Party will have to pay a high price – to the detriment of the Republic’s political system.

If any attempt to send Trump packing in the last few days of his presidency fails, he will end up a martyr in the eyes of all denialists of truth and reality who are still with him and for everything that might possibly fail during the next administration. However that be – the fact that Trump was president just like Washington, Adams, Lincoln, both Roosevelt’s … will emerge as a stain in the history of the United States for the next hundred years.

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