After this Day in Washington, DC

From my Writing Room

Copyright © 2021 by Uwe Bahr

They voted for him. They held days of prayer in their propaganda temples for “our President Trump.” They are his strongest base, and any other choice to them would constitute a “road to socialism.” Pastors, ministers – whatever the correct label it is for these charlatans – told the little minds, the recipients of the dumbest propaganda imaginable sitting right in front of them, not to vote “for the other side” – for that would certainly end up in “socialism.”

What now – after this day in Washington? A brothel is a cleaner place than any American church.

They did not know a day like today could happen? They did not realize four years ago what they voted for? And they did not realize it before last November?

If so, they are just like him – like their “President Trump.”

I do not know how you will heal this country with such people, Mr. President-elect. Because – every change usually starts in the brain. These people have no brain.

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