Poorhouse USA

From my Writing Room

Copyright © 2020 by Uwe Bahr

The United States’ Free Market Economy, which in reality is not much different from cold-blooded, exploitative and pure capitalism, has proven a catastrophic failure in handling a serious crises like the current pandemic. A disaster is set to unfold more and more as millions of people are facing unemployment, eviction, and hunger – a human tragedy that does not differ essentially anymore from a Third-World-Nation. 90 million Americans in their wealthy country either cannot see a doctor because of nonexistent or insufficient health care insurance, or they do not dare doing so for generic financial reasons.

The incoming administration will tackle the crisis in a different and slightly better way, but not even rudimentarily resolve America’s horrifying, deep-rooted problems: Biden/Harris and a Congress filled with lobbyists for billionaires will not implement provisions that would lead to the transition of an urgently required and of course costly, contemporary Social Market Economy, in which the emphasis of “Social” is on equal terms with “Market.”

If the United States cannot find a path to a social-democratized system, if Americans do not understand that their society is in dire need of regulation to achieve social justice in order to survive, if Americans keep ignoring their own history and instead confuse everything that once had been in place already in their country with “Socialism”, then the United States of America will continue on its course of deterioration.