Amen – You are not Worth a Damn

From my Writing Room
Copyright © 2022 by Uwe Bahr

Hearing a fourth grader talk about the Uvalde shooting she narrowly survived…

In the Christian “United States of America,” the Number One cause of death among children is death by gunshot. In the last two decades, more American children have died by being shot in their own country than members of the U.S. Army and police officers in the line of duty combined. After the school massacre in Uvalde, and not only there, fourth graders were so mutilated that they could only be tentatively identified by their clothing.

Any American who still talks about gun safety and the Second Amendment to insist on their “right” to bear arms is nothing but a retard. Many of the same retards sanctimoniously call for stricter gun laws and at the same time demand a law completely banning abortion to protect unborn life while born American children run for their lives literally every day in this country. These Americans are not right in their head and belong either permanently locked up in their reeking churches among themselves or in psychiatric treatment, if that helps at all. I doubt it.

A hearty “Amen” to those church people who support private gun ownership and identify themselves as “pro-life” on top of that. You are not worth a damn.