The Abject Failure of the USA

God tells them to go to war

From my Writing Room
Copyright © 2022 by Uwe Bahr

In the Taiwan Strait, the Americans are currently gearing up for the next potential conflict, and the rest of the so-called “free world” is once again joining in, as if enough damage had not already been done to them by the nonsensical Russia sanctions. It is now also going against China.

May 2003: To frenetic applause from the crew of the aircraft carrier “USS Abraham Lincoln,” President George W. Bush declares the Iraq mission as “accomplished.” A fatal miscalculation, like the lie about weapons of mass destruction, under the pretext of which the war was started. Many Americans who enthusiastically supported the invasion at the time suddenly wonder today, and too late, what sense it all made. In 2011, the long retreat of the Americans ended. Today, conditions in Iraq are similar to those of a civil war; the country is farther away than ever from the democratic form of government envisioned by Bush in 2003. – The Americans experienced an even greater fiasco in Afghanistan, where they had to flee from the Taliban in 2021 – those Taliban whom Bush wanted to drive out with pathetic words in 2001 and who are now the masters in the country again. After the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001, large segments of the American public allowed themselves to be misled by their president, who had announced the Christian crusade in grand terms: “God told me to go to war.”

As they did in Ukraine with regard to Russia and its security interests, the USA threatens the “Empire of the Middle” over Taiwan. U.S. President Joe Biden, who doesn’t always seem to be in the loop, even recently did not rule out “having American men and women in uniform fight there if necessary.”

Such nonsensical words, which one should first let melt on the tongue, would have rather suited his obtuse predecessor in office. But when it comes to foreign policy misjudgments, it makes no difference which of the two political camps the president hails from.

For the pattern of the aggressive American approach is always the same: A country in the immediate vicinity of an unpopular adversary is armed with American weapons, in this case Taiwan, which is of course part of China. Ominous alliances are being formed around China, all under the leadership of the USA. It is only a question of time when China will no longer tolerate these provocations. Imagine China doing the same thing right on the doorstep of the United States.

As a reminder: Russian President Vladimir Putin warned years ago to expand NATO to the Black Sea: “It would surround us.“ Putin wanted to negotiate, but the Americans flatly refused. In reckless imprudence, then-President Barack Obama publicly downgraded Russia to a marginal Asian power.

Wherever the USA has shown up and interfered since the end of World War II, it has left nothing but devastation and chaos in its wake. Afghanistan was only the most stinging evidence of many in recent history. There is not a single example to the contrary. It is a listing of facts and evidence of an abject failure of American foreign policy, guided by pathological hubris and arrogance: We are the noble ones, we run the world. How many times must such a scenario be repeated before even the last American realizes how fatal his country’s misbehavior is to the rest of the world?

The U.S. perceives itself as the sole superpower and believes it can achieve its expansionist goals behind every step of its foreign policy with military threats, brushing away security concerns of others. In connection with Ukraine, a decrepit President Joe Biden has ruled out negotiations. His corrupt lackeys in Kiev are flexing their muscles, having been sufficiently boosted with war material mainly by the Americans. This is the way the U.S. – with the consent of both leading political parties, by the way – is acting against the rest of the world to preserve its imperial supremacy. In doing so, they apparently accept even the possibility of a confrontation with nuclear weapons.

In this context, it seems downright bizarre that even former President Donald Trump, who is certainly not endowed with any particular intelligence, has understood that only negotiations can lead to peace in Ukraine, not more and more weapons. But Trump would not remember his words if he returned to the White House, having already handed out more tax giveaways to his country’s rich while he was in office. For as long as the war in Ukraine continues and Russia fails as a competitor for cheap energy in Europe, U.S. fossil fuel corporations and war materiel manufacturers are making huge deals in the most criminal way ever legalized by politicians, while the public is deceived with lip service to climate protection.