They Should Have Known Better

75 Million voted for Donald Trump for reasons of political standing, policy or party affiliation? No – there is no excuse because it was all too obvious to not know better. Every Trump-voter should have known better – if not with their brain, so with a sense of decency.

Instead, they voted for Trump in an inexcusable combination of carelessness toward their country, mendacious patriotism, hate against any policy different from their own (Republican), stupidity, ignorance, and contempt for truth and decency. And now many of the very same people are praying for the healing of their country? It is preposterous, downright disgusting and the same mendacity on their part as it already was when they went to the polls.

How about taking stock of themselves first, and then turn toward their country and dare to pray? This would be a true step in order to heal a country that because of them is no longer only polarized, but partway even radicalized.