Are They Done Praying?

From my Writing Room

Copyright © 2021 by Uwe Bahr

Are Trump supporters and voters done praying for a peaceful country?

It was Holy church people who like no other group have allowed and enabled with their vote a clown and criminal to occupy the highest office and who are, of course, thus morally complicit in the hideous insurrection that happened at the Capitol.

By supporting Trump, they have also indirectly fueled the reemergence of a white supremacy, right-wing extremism, which was made socially acceptable through the widely applauded hate speeches (“Send them back”, “Proud Boys: Stand back and stand by”) from the outgoing president. This phenomenon will not disperse overnight considering that a civilized administration is going to take the White House back in a few days. On the contrary: It must be seriously feared that the United States will be confronted with existential domestic terror threats in the foreseeable future.

Let it be understood: Any potential and imminent danger the country faces neither originates from a considerable, extreme political left nor from “radical socialists,” as preferably propagated by advocates of the Republican party. The events of 6 January 2021, at the Capitol in Washington, DC, speak for themselves. The American Republic miraculously escaped a carnage by a right-wing mob showing aspects of a military approach. It was the Republican party and their Trump-mania that have called the ghosts.

In view of the shocking violence and what the country still might be in for – can anyone expect some sort of introspection from those lost characters who have cluelessly trusted an even more clueless charlatan named Donald Trump?

written 2000 years ago to make illiterate people submissive and willing followers of the authority, the Bible to this day, quote: “instructs us to pray for our leaders” (Franklin Graham[1]). If humans living in the 21st century are naïve enough to fall for such elusive nonsense no matter what, then they might as well nail the Bible to their shin.[2]

Independent from that – the clerical instruction manual obviously must have reduced itself a long time ago to a matter of random interpretation. How else could all the evil in the world of Christianity, now and then, possibly happen? I am sure, this Holy Booklet also contains a frivolous paragraph allowing, if not urging, pious people to possess guns and support entire wars – but we are against any abortions. To compare such aberration with a mix of thought disorder and shameless hypocrisy might pass as a generous understatement in the minds of those still able to develop a rational, independent chain of thought.

A person with a minimum level of knowledge and decency did not vote for Donald Trump. But the following is the most devastating part of the American tragedy: Allegedly, 40 percent of those who did vote for the deranged crook think the assault on 6 January was either justified or a logical consequence of “stolen elections.”

That comes pretty close to my estimate: At least half of the American citizenry is unfit for the realities of the 21st century, not even aware of the challenges their country is facing – from a wretched social system to the facts of man-induced climate change, which many are in denial about.

How will you govern your country with people further away from reality than the backside of the moon, Mr. President Biden?

[1] Graham, a known American Protestant, evangelist, supporter of the Iraqi war in 2003, and also an instigator of the deepest dye since the days of Joseph Goebbels, a short while ago compared ten Republican lawmakers supporting to impeach Donald Trump with “Judas” – the same lawmakers who are trying to respect American law and the constitution to avert further damage from the United States.

[2] When I attended the millions of people in the fall of 1989 in East Germany kicking the leading members of the socialist political system to the curb, there was not a single person getting the idea of “praying for our leaders.” I considered those leaders back then the most criminal and dumb clique I have ever lived under until I witnessed the emergence of Donald Trump and his hate speeches in the so-called “freest country of the world.”