The Christian Misbelief about Adam and Eve

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Copyright © 2022 by Uwe Bahr

Of course, mankind does not originate from a single couple, as the Christian story about Adam and Eve would like it to be in the realm of mythical creatures. Our genes – those of every living human being – go back to hundreds of Adam’s and Eva’s who lived at different times. This is scientifically provable.

This means that we are not descended from one single pair, but from originally about 12,000 human-like beings, which have evolved in Africa over millions of years to today’s man by the natural selection of evolution. Of this early man, a number have gradually spread throughout the earth. There was never just one Adam and Eve.

If there was no first Eve and no first Adam who could sin according to church doctrine, then of course there was and is no sin to which we are all hereditarily exposed – even if we have not committed such a sin ourselves (Christian diehards insist that we are all sinners). Consequently, Jesus of Nazareth could not have been nailed to the cross on behalf of each of us when he was cruelly executed by the Romans to sacrifice himself (for us!).

His remains have never been found because he rotted away like any other dead person. He also didn’t reach heaven on a cloud, as it was quite understood in the literal sense at his time.1 Science leads the whole Christian doctrine ad absurdum. The Bible, which was essentially written only a short time after Jesus’ death, goes back to deep superstitions that were prevalent in the first century, when most people could neither read nor write and rarely lived past the age of 35 to 40.

To this day, there has been no one who has been able to return from the dead to the living. The Jesus shirt, kept by the Catholic Church for 500 years, has turned out to be a fabric of the same age. Where have the remaining 1500 years gone?

In the year zero, when Jesus is said to have been born in Bethlehem, there was no Roman census at the behest of Emperor Augustus, as described in the Gospel of Luke. So, neither Joseph nor Mary nor the three shepherds (of whom I was one in the nativity play of my home church in the early 1970s amidst GDR-Socialism!) could make their way to Bethlehem to see the Christ Child wrapped in swaddling clothes in the manger.

A beautiful story, unfortunately too beautiful to be true. The Bible was written to make people willing servants to the authority. To this day, clerics and their believers threaten their little sheep: You will be freed from your sins, but only if you believe in the Savior and pray to “Him”.

Those who refuse to obey are threatened with the eternal fire of hell. What a warm-hearted Christian characteristic.

The greatest deception ever successfully instilled in humanity began with Christianity 2000 years ago. Until today this hoax has persisted, because many people have the weakness of not finding their own direction and therefore want to cling to the supernatural, even if it is only Christian assertions without any evidence, reminiscent of the fairy tales from the Thousand and One Nights of our early childhood days.

But the supernatural also embodies superstition, which makes every religion what it is: A belief that owes every proof for the existence of deities. Superstition, i.e., religion, in turn, is dangerous, because one can fall victim to all kinds of charlatanry without noticing it. Also, in our time people have denied medical treatment for religious reasons, sometimes even on their children – and some of these people have died from it. The bereaved had to live on with the proof that there is no God who has an influence on things or can even determine them.

Religious self-deception could be one of several explanations for why 78 percent of evangelical Christians in the U.S. voted for a pervert like Trump for president and are, in their majority, willing to do so again at any time. They are the easiest prey for any propaganda that does not have to present any evidence for its claims, because especially religiously influenced people are gullible for everything that fits into the scheme of their own wishful thinking. In doing so, they blot out unpleasant truths like man-induced climate change from their perception – even when they know full well that the evidence is clear.

1 It was inevitable that most of the content of the Bible has been reinterpreted into an allegorical account as times advanced and much of the scripture appeared to be too preposterous to be sold seriously. The literalists were increasingly sidelined. It is one of many proofs of how much this booklet can be interpreted at will – a perfect concoction for the gullible, who do not care about evidence for thrown assertions.

The Church of Slaveholders: Die-Hards at the Lever of Mass Psychosis

From my Writing Room
Copyright © 2021 by Uwe Bahr

You have to let it roll off your tongue: Founded as the Church of Slaveholders in 1845, the Southern Baptist Convention today forms the largest Protestant denomination in the United States of America. If there was a government-functioning legal system in the US, this Baptist Sect in the South would have been banned as a racist organization long ago.

That the rule of law is seriously lacking in this country is evidenced by the unwillingness to look into the true background of January 6, especially among most Republican members of Congress, who publicly place themselves above the law without being bothered in the least for it. One would not even think such a scenario possible in a true legal system – but that is the way things are.

On a very similar level, today there are business-oriented leaders as successors of slave drivers in this Southern Baptist Sect, adapted to modern times only to an extremely limited extent, who would prefer to impose on society their own ideas on the subject of abortion. The brazenness of hypocrites and agitators in the name of their God knows no bounds: Those who should be hiding from shame for moral reasons open their mouths the widest. Their perversity, including the danger especially for adolescents being exposed to extreme pathological ideologies, can only function because nobody seriously intervenes against it. On the contrary, everything the tax evaders say falls on open ears and wallets.

What is most frightening is the extent of stupefaction of the people. This is the pathetic contribution of the “Christian” die-hards, political arsonists and Trump-supporters, who for reasons of self-interest and greed of power are primarily responsible that society in their country is drifting further and further apart and will probably never find peace.