God’s Whoremongers

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“Rather a poor sinner be than a shameless hypocrite.”

They play the Good Samaritan by asking their misguided cult members to do charity in order to create an appearance in public that is a lie from top to bottom. The Baptist sect, once founded by slaveholders who maintained that God and the Bible allowed them to own slaves. Today, they leave everything up to their great designer, but they need guns. Currently, like many other churches, deeply involved in sexual abuse. An institution of fraud and mass dumbing down.

Source: New York Times

Criminal organizations like these should have been banned long ago. Any decent person would be ashamed to associate with such a debauched club. However, it is unbridled business and profiteering as usual in America: a bunch of charlatans shamelessly line their pockets by enriching themselves on the naiveté of their brainwashed adherents. A modern-time gangster gang of populists, corrupters, fornicators, rapists, cover-up specialists and tax dodgers in the name of their creator, as it can hardly be worse.

And these criminals tell others that they are all sinners from birth because they have inherited the sins of Adam and Eve, and Jesus frees them from these sins – of course only if they follow his word. What mindless nonsense, it doesn’t get any more stupid.

Be careful which institution you send your children to. “Let the little children come to me” is not necessarily a demand that attentive people with sense should comply with.

The Crimes of the Churches

To this day they propagate the existence of the devil

From my Writing Room
Copyright © 2022 by Uwe Bahr

File:Karte Erzbistum Muenchen-Freising.png - Wikimedia Commons
Map of Germany: The Archdiocese of Munich-Freising is shown in highlighted color.

The New York Times reported today: “Pope Benedict XVI was faulted in a report over his handling of sexual abuse cases when he was an archbishop in Munich. A newly released report by a law firm said the former pope failed to discipline priests in at least four cases of sexual abuse accusations in Germany.”

The main German news program “Tagesschau,” a public service medium, reported today: “497 victims, 235 perpetrators and a balance of horror: The expert report on abuse in the Archdiocese of Munich heavily incriminates high-ranking church officials – including Pope Emeritus Benedict and Cardinal Marx.”

To understand the full extent of the crimes committed by the catholic church in Germany alone, one must know that the Archdiocese of Munich-Freising covers only a small part of Germany (see graphic on left).

In their two-thousand-year history, the Christian churches have almost consistently held the greatest power that has ever existed. To this day – as they have “reinvented” themselves again and again under varying names – they are mainly responsible for the greatest crimes against humanity ever committed. This is a historically established fact.

Any political party and organization with such a criminal background would have been banned long ago – just as Hitler’s National Socialist German Workers’ Party was banned after the war.

How the churches survive their inhuman crimes is shown by only a small example from the American South. Most of today’s churchgoers probably don’t know anything about it – and those who do know, don’t want to admit it:

In the United States of America, the Southern Baptist Convention had been founded as a church of slaveholders in 1845. The slaves were told not to worry, because they would have it better in a second life.

Today, the Southern Baptist Convention is the largest Protestant denomination in the USA.

To the present day, the demagogues of these churches have been spreading the nonsense of the existence of a devil as an instrument of intimidation and as the cause of the unsuccessfulness of their god in improving this world. In the history of the world, religion has never been anything but a special form of superstition and has always been used as such by the authorities to keep their subjects in line. Religion is the most dangerous kind of superstition.

“God is a hypothesis, and, as such, stands in need of proof: the burden of proof rests on the theist.” Quote: Percy Bysshe Shelley