Send Me Back

Upon return from an excursion to the Facebook-side of the Georgia Republican Party, I was followed by two comments that in a microcosm lively suggest the ferocious and polarized status of the United States of America. In view of the upcoming runoff in Georgia, I leave it with the reader to decide which one of the comments might be ideologically infiltrated, leaning toward a dangerously incorrigible political trend – and which one might implicate a more rational perspective:

Mrs. Diana McGowan Pate, apparently a lady in her 70’s, wrote:

If GA is NOT your Home Country, then GO BACK to wherever it is!

Mr. Jim Richardson wrote:

Unfortunately for the state our educational system has produced people who do not understand the basic concepts but instead follow demagogues with simple answers. Note the predictable “Go back” comment? That is the kind of ignorance and tolerance that can be expected from a population so poorly educated and easily manipulated.

You are certainly welcome in my Georgia because clearly we need smart people who can see through the veil of lies we’re being deluged with from our political “leaders”.

The two comments are a result of my second attempt to ask Senator David Perdue (R-GA) about his definition of the term “Socialism”, and where Socialism in the USA is either existent or planned to come into existence. On a flyer arriving at my house in Blairsville on 20 November, 2020, Perdue and his fellow party member, Senator Kelly Loeffler, appeal to the public to “Stop the Spread of Socialism”, but neither was any further explanation added to the claim, nor did I ever hear any of the two candidates substantiating their assertions with any plausible evidence about where in the USA Socialism is in a condition of materialization.

An updated version of my request to Senator Perdue will follow soon on this blog site.