Have the Churches send the Checks!

Hypocrites get offended by the truth

From my Writing Room

Copyright © 2021 by Uwe Bahr

The churches should be taxed on the spot, so they have no longer to act as the good Samaritans to justify their sanctimonious existence by providing millions for charity while at the same time line their own pockets with billions. Finally, the church as the most ardent Trump-Fan Club and leading member of the Special Interest Group (SIG)* would serve a good purpose on the real side of this world.

The churches in the US own property worth 700 billion, and they do not pay a single dime property taxes for it. Lowbrow parishioners pay their tithes to the Holy Joes – and the churches pay zero taxes for it. The churches invest from the tithes on the stock market to gamble in the name of their Lord – and they pay no taxes for it. The churches, one of the largest profiteers in the country, last year made billions on interest alone, and they paid no taxes for it. Yet their stooges, scheming blatherer by trade, preach Christian generosity during each and any of their Sunday morning story time.

Have the churches – with “their” money that is grift anyway – pay the stimulus checks for millions of Americans in urgent need; to the ones not even able to afford the food for the next day. Have the greedy Pied Pipers provide for the American worker, who busts his chops to no avail, faltering under the burden of a deadly pandemic with no God within sight. If the churches, merely engaged in window-dressing, would pay their fair share into the state coffers, every stimulus check going out to the American workers would be probably “a little bit more” than just 1,400.00 dollars.

Have the holy grifters and charlatans pay for it instead of adding the costs to the national debt – to the detriment of your grandchildren, who will have to stand Sam sooner or later.

Have mercy, at least this one time.

Note: *Consisting of institutions and persons making a fortune through extensive use of legalized legerdemain while playing YOU THE PEOPLE for a sucker.

Trump’s Nonsense-Tweet about Germany

From my Writing Room

Copyright © 2020 by Uwe Bahr

On 9 December, 2020, a day when the United States sadly lost more people (3,054) due to the Corona Virus than on the attack on Pearl Harbor (2,403) and during the terror assaults in 2001 (2,977), the dumbest president ever in place arrogantly tweeted the following:

“Germany has consistently been used by my obnoxious critics as the country that we should follow on the way to handle the China Virus. So much for that argument. I love Germany – vaccines are on the way.”

True, Germany had a record number of 590 deaths on one day due to the corona virus. This is a reason for a sitting American president to ridicule via tweet a country where, in contrast to his own, human lives matter and a social, caring system is in place to help the people. There, people can stay home while maintaining a livelihood. For the very same reason Germany can afford to go into another hard lock-down over Christmas.

The German government under an attentive chancellor Angela Merkel – a true leader, by the way – is at least attempting to tackle problems in a responsible and realistic way to protect their people.

In contrast, the self-declared genius from the White House has downplayed the virus from the beginning while millions – many of them bible-thumping folks – kept supporting him. Instead of pointing his finger to others, this so-called president, a loser and psychopath all through, should have cleaned up the countless deficiencies in his own Christian country. Besides, in the US 87 people per 100,000 have died from the virus, in Germany 24.

If they had a conscience combined with sane judgement, those of the holy folks who have voted for Trump and support(ed) him would be ashamed for the rest of their lives. It is not going to happen. So far for a special alignment of Christian morality. People attuned to a bit more authenticity want no part of it.

One can only wish for Trump’s disciples to stay in their propaganda temples for which they have the balls to use the term “churches”, locked up from outside if possible, never come out again and keep praying twenty-four seven. The lunatic still occupying the White House could only become president because of the pathetic failure of millions of brainwashed Americans completely out of touch with reality.