Racism under the Banner of Christianity

This picture is worth a thousand words, revealing in its microcosm the country’s current, frightening state and what might happen after the election. One of my attentive readers has sent it to me; it was taken somewhere in the northern part of Georgia.

A somber state of mind in today’s America.

What does it tell us?

Somebody capable of bringing himself to placing such sign in his front yard, illuminated at dark, obviously has a problem with people of different skin color. It is a disturbing perception that racism is a somber reality in a country with a Christian claim.

More than obvious: These people are in refusal of Joe Biden and Kamala Harris, which – if articulated in decent words – would be perfectly fine.

The most revealing statement comes from line number four on this sign: “Life begins at conception.” It is a manifestation of a rather Christian confession of faith – one would assume. And yet, used in conjunction with the other statements articulated on this sign, it vilifies in the worst way all those people that still live up to the true standards of Christian belief.

Such true believers are not racists. Such true Christians cannot be in support of a President not willing to distance himself decisively from primitive diehards like the ones responsible for the sign in the yard – for he himself has proven more than once that he is one of them.