Trump-Supporters: Policy versus Personality?

From my Writing Room

Copyright © 2020 by Uwe Bahr

Many Americans now say they supported Trump not because of his personality, but rather because of his policy. A stunning justification, for the empty phrase caps it all off.

Because the question arises: Which progressive Trump-policy do they talk about that would be crucial and beneficial for everyone? How about Health Care? Or would it rather be the policy of downplaying the corona virus, thereby embracing the possibility of losing thousands of Americans who might otherwise have been saved? Adding fuel to the fire of racism by encouraging crowds to shout “send them back?” Calling members of the White House Corona Virus Task Force “idiots” instead of paying attention to science? Shaking hands with tyrants like the communistic dictator of North Korea, or being Putin’s lapdog? Or to bully and insult his own diplomats in Ukraine, just for the price to harm a political opponent who may now become President of the United States? And, and, and … What sound policy are these people talking about? Do they know at all what they are trying to utter?

And again, one wonders how holy church people in the United States can vote for and support someone who paid hush money to “adult actresses” he had fun with, not to mention all these other remarks and insults he made on camera. It must be very appealing and arousing for these impressive believers, who are pretending they are Christians. What kind of program will they have next to offer in their propaganda temples, which they call churches, in the name of their dear Lord? Strippers? There is obviously a problematic gap between a self-declared Christian creed and the aspiration of living according to it within at least a minimum level of standard and decency.

Such people should be ashamed instead of telling others that “only a Christian person is a good person.” Not a single truthful Christian person was ever able to vote for Donald J. Trump.

Nothing to worry about though – as from time immemorial Christianity in their vast majority has been hypocritical, mendacious, phony, and very successful in playing the commonality for a sucker. And this, in turn, truly goes in line with Donald J. Trump and everyone who supported this lunacy.