Tax the Churches?

From my Writing Room

Copyright © 2020 by Uwe Bahr

In California these days, just weeks before a seemingly ominous election, a canny pastor from the Freedoms Way Baptist Church had a seminal inspiration, obviously sent straight to him from high above through the clouds of holy smog. “Our church”, Jerry Cook addressed his sheep in a post via Facebook, “has a voting drop box in front of our complex. If you are voting early drop your ballot by.”

It did not take any of the church parishioners, but a lady with the sense to note that the drop box was a fraudulent falsification. And as by a miracle, the box disappeared literally over night after the lady had informed local authorities. Quite mysteriously, also vanished had the pastor’s message on Facebook.

A true blatherer by his trade, Jerry Cook did not feel any qualms at all about telling his parish in his very next sermon that the church did not have anything to do with the faked voting drop box. “We are not tampering with anything”, the man of God could not quickly emphasize enough the church’s alleged unbiased justification, obviously referring to the delicate machinations of politics.

The churches do not meddle in anything at all – right.

I have always marveled why many – way too many – Evangelicals of all people constitute Trump’s largest and most reliable base. Turning facts and truths upside down apparently goes hand in hand among a hopelessly lost specialty of like-minded advocates, inept to think for themselves and unreceptive toward truth – no matter what the botched liar from the White House jabbers in his pathological ignorance.

A quote comes to mind recently called to my attention by a dear family member:

“I don’t know how you feel, but I’m pretty sick of church people. You know what they ought to do with churches? Tax them. If holy people are so interested in politics, government, and public policy, let them pay the price of admission like everybody else.” Source: George Carlin

Am I glad that these words did not emanate from my pen – aren’t I?


From my Writing Room

Copyright © 2020 by Uwe Bahr

If it was not for my American wife, I would not be in this country anymore and long back in Germany. There have been inconsistencies going on everywhere lately, but the United States are presently salient with a good deal of people revealing ominous disturbances toward a sound human mind. A public disease seems widespread in this society like another virus on its own.

In 1989/90, when we sent the self-declared peoples’ government of the GDR (East Germany) packing, I considered these apologists of Socialism the most primitive sort of people I was ever governed under and was certain that I will never see any attempts of that magnitude from a government again to play their own populace for a sucker. Obviously, I was misled here by my own presumptions.

What I am seeing today in the country of my current residence is not only shocking, but nothing more than a largely effective process of national dulling disguised as patriotism. I can’t help myself to express it in a more polite and harmless way. The adherents of Donald J. Trump – in my judgement – suffer from pathetic brainwashing including the influence of conspiracy theories, leading inevitably to a disturbed mind. Never in my life have I seen anything even close to this.

And it makes feelings even worse when noting that white Evangelicals rank among Trump’s most reliable bases. Is this what Christian morality is about? The hypocrites, who tell themselves and others you HAVE to believe in God, should be ashamed for the rest of their life.