What will Trump do next?

From my Writing Room

Copyright © 2021 by Uwe Bahr

I do not know any country in the modern western world where a political leader, not to mention a chancellor or a president, had survived any 24 hours in office after first summon and then threatening election officials to “find” a few thousand votes to change the outcome of an election. These were the methods of sinister East German communists and the dictatorship I was born in, and it may be the style of a country somewhere in the Third World. When I moved to America 23 years ago because of my wife, I did not expect to witness something like this again – not in the United States of America.

Mrs. Kelly Loeffler – do you really know what you are talking about by saying “The road of socialism does not go through Georgia?” You have the nerve to babble such baseless nonsense while millions of children, women, and men in your own country are suffering in poverty as a result from economic despair and the consequences of a deadly pandemic? Do you have any solutions to offer at all besides of spreading propaganda of the most primitive sort and playing Americans for a sucker? You are suffering from a delusional disorder when talking about an “American Dream”, but I am sure you are aware of your own baloney you can delude Americans with.

If ten (10) former secretaries of defense from both parties consider it necessary to remind their own military of basic democratic principles to remain neutral during the transfer of power, then I am inclined to the view that there must be a serious concern that Trump could pull more shenanigans in his remaining days as president instead of leaving the White House voluntarily on or before January 20th.

One can only hope for a transition without violence on Washington’s streets and elsewhere in the country. Idiotic as it sounds, but there are millions of people still in support of this president, no matter what he says or does. Are there really that many Americans incapable of understanding reality?