“We will hunt them down, we will smoke them out”

President Bush’s War on Terror ends in Disaster for the entire West

From my Writing Room
Copyright © 2021 by Uwe Bahr

For twenty years, international troops under U.S. leadership were in Afghanistan with the goal of providing peace and security, including their very own ideas of democracy. Now, the Taliban are closing in on Kabul. They ride in captured American pick-up trucks; a fighting force seemingly from the middle Ages. American interference once again turns out to be a failure all along the line: wherever they show up with their military, only disaster comes out. These days, the allies are rushing to fly out their embassy staff before they too fall into enemy hands. Meanwhile, a human tragedy is emerging for Afghans who thought they could trust the West.

History is often easy to internalize. To do this, you sometimes just need to remember quotes from the past and compare them with the present. Thereby, it would be helpful especially for Americans and their country to learn from history. The only problem is: People who fell for the phrases at that time, fall for all possible charlatanry also today and do not want or cannot remember their own words from yesterday. From which follows: Those are incapable of learning to whom it does not even occur to draw conclusions from the past.

The allegations that circulated and were deliberately spread among the American public even before President Bush’s war on terror began less than twenty years ago were nothing more than the result of obtuse propaganda hammered into Americans almost continuously via the media. It was a typical example of how, even in a democratic country, people’s patriotism was exploited by the cheapest methods.

The following should give pause for thought:

“I’d rather the war be there [in Iraq, Afghanistan] than in our own country.”
I heard this sentence over and over again back then from the mouths of regulars, most of them staunch Republicans. Nobody should want a war anywhere, because it can always strike back and hit you. People don’t believe it until it happens.

“He [Saddam Hussein] is just like another Hitler. We need to take him out of there.”
This was a similar saying from that time, hardly to be surpassed in ignorance to the facts. For comparing a big shot like Hussein with Adolf Hitler is one of the most surprising sentences, while incoherent assessments I have ever heard. Hitler controlled, for a short time, almost all of Europe and kept the whole world in suspense. The German Wehrmacht was the strongest military force of its time, and it took the rest of the world nearly six years in a combined effort to defeat it. Hussein, on his part, had nothing of that sort to display. He never possessed the weapons of mass destruction that were attributed to him, serving as the main reason for a mindless military invasion. If he had possessed them, the USA and its allies would hardly have attacked him – for he would have used them instantly. That simple fact would not go into the heads of most Americans at the time.

No matter how many I talked to back then – the result was almost always the same. The majority of Americans were unstoppable in their euphoria and belief that whatever their government was doing was right. Certainly, a legitimate rage about unprecedented terrorist attacks on their country played a significant role to fume their judgement.

“We will hunt them down, we will smoke them out.”
Remarks by President George W. Bush on September 17, 2001, to employees at the Pentagon. He repeated this phrase as if in a Wild West movie at several other occasions.

In truth, the military invasions in Afghanistan and Iraq made little sense, if only because the terrorist attackers of September 11 essentially not only came from Saudi Arabia, but were also financed from there. Saudi Arabia, however, is the closest U.S. ally in the region, albeit not for reasons of sympathy but of profit from the oil business. The price for this American hypocrisy could be costly: For the disastrous and maybe intended miscalculation of the Bush administration – politically, historically, and geostrategically – could now, after the withdrawal from Afghanistan, carry toxic smoke back to the US. The Taliban, once equipped and trained by the Americans, will in all likelihood find with their present advance sufficient basis and encouragement to launch terrorist attacks against the U.S. and its allies anew and around the world.

Thus, nothing remains of the goals that President Bush announced less than twenty years ago. To hunt down the real culprits of 9/11, there was no need for wars started by the USA, as the elimination of Osama bin Laden has shown. It is very likely that governments with which the U.S. is friendly are also behind dubious plots against the Americans, just as the Americans once created the Taliban to pit them against the Soviets. It is inconceivable.

The ones who suffer are always the innocent. Large parts of the Afghan people have believed the grandiose announcements of democracy and prosperity and are now suffering the revenge of the Taliban, while the West abandons its promises and cowardly runs away.

The Bible: Without Fault and Blame

From my Writing Room
Copyright © 2021 by Uwe Bahr

“We believe the entire Bible is the inspired word of God and that men were moved by the spirit of God to write the very words of the scripture. Therefore, we believe the Bible is without error.”
Creed of a contemporary Church

Now after Noah was five hundred years old, Noah fathered Shem, Ham, and Japheth.”
New American Standard Bible

Religious quotations like these could be continued at will. The fantasts ascribe the dogma of infallibility to a concoction like the Bible – imagine that.

“Only a Christian person is a good person.”
This was what I heard from an American pastor after I had moved from Germany to Florida in 1998. I cannot remember the name of the church anymore. But my ears went ringing, because like a flash the following came back to my memory:

“Only a communist is a good person.”
The words of a teacher lecturing us in the former communist GDR (“East Germany”); it must have been in 1974. True, the GDR has perished, and the Churches are still there – but that doesn’t make the core of the matter any truer. For there certainly is not only “one good kind of person”, as well as there are true Christians living according to their religious perceptions.

That’s all for now with the quotes.

The Bible, in its essential parts, was written in the first century of our era by a clan of giggling charlatans on behalf of the authorities, with the aim of keeping the common people in line as docile servants. Thus, the Jesus story fits aptly into a time when superstition, witchcraft, and satanic cults were part of everyday life. Over the centuries, this culture has been refined and continued into our own day – from the Ku Klux Clan movement to the lateral thinkers (conspiracy theorists) with their pathological ideas.

Whoever doubts this thesis of the origin of the Bible would have to prove first the validity of the Christian theses, especially this one: How someone can come back from the dead to the living after three days, then walks around on earth for another 40 days and finally ascends to heaven, only not to have been seen again since then. Not even historical greats of the recent past believed in the miracles of resurrection and rebirth: The famous Prussian King Frederick the Great was a flawless atheist who allowed his subjects “to be blessed according to everybody’s own facon.” By which he meant: they could pray to whomever and as much as they wanted, only not neglecting their duties. America’s George Washington believed that Jesus was not dead after the crucifixion and buried alive by the Romans. Contrary to the history-falsifying nonsense circulating in American schoolbooks, in which angels lift the dying president, complete with bed, towards heaven, Washington himself believed that a dead person completely goes nowhere else but straight into the ground.

The easiest way to make people compliant and to use them for one’s own advantage is – then as now – through the tool of propaganda, of dumbing down the masses. From ancient times, religion served as an instrument of power for the rulers, which eventually led to the forcible Christianization of entire tribes since the early middle Ages. In truth, Christianization meant nothing more than a God-given justification for brutal wars of conquest, for the warriors of God came with the Christian cross in one hand and the sword in the other: Those who were not willing to accept the former, got to feel the latter.

In modern times, the churches, apart from minor and major scandals – such as the murder and disappearance of indigenous children in Canada, or the rape of altar boys around the world – limit themselves to political influence and self-preservation as a lucrative business: Although they often pretend to be charitable organizations, they do not forget lining their own pockets with billions while rarely have to pay taxes. On the side, they also tell the faithful who they should vote for – see USA and Donald Trump. All of this only works because enough people around the world are hoodwinked by the church and their Holy Joes. Just like the whoring business, the church business has always worked.

In all this nonsense, it is not at all surprising that people who pretend to be Christians vote for a pervert like Trump, a demagogue like DeSantis, support wars, guns and shooting, thereby arbitrarily interpreting the Bible as it suits their own desires. Of course, in many cases this also includes denying man-made climate change and the existence of the Corona Virus, or baseless allegations about allegedly forged elections. The serious problems of our time can hardly be resolved with people who have a pathologically disturbed relationship to reality.

This explains much, if not all, about the dangerous times we live in.

This is pathological

Obviously, millions of Americans are consuming the nonsense that the election was rigged and Joe Biden is not the legitimate President-elect. This is not normal anymore – this is abnormal human behavior, this is sick. I have lived and worked in three countries, and nowhere have I witnessed anything even close to this. The brainwashing taking place in the United States is hard to digest. There is a public, mental disease going on in this country – the same widespread disease that made something like Trump possible as President of the United States of America.